Warrior Sculpt - WIP

A personal project I have been working on following an online tutorial on Udemy.
I have sculted all of the anatomy, face and object/basemesh from a ball/box primitive.

Through this I want to learn to create a character from scratch, with props and interesting design.

It was a great learning experience deepening my understanding of facial and body anatomy - the biggest challange was the face, as I was less familiar with the sculpting flow.
Im also picking up amazing proficiency with Zbrush, and it's workflow and am excited to learn more.

To do:
-Finish blocking out all the clothes in different meshes
-Sculpt detailed in the extracted clothes meshes

-Create the Weapons assets

-Fibermesh hair and beard

-Pose the character

(a long time)


Stylized Skull


Little Guy

Stylized Shield