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UE to Maya Workflow Test 01

A quick test made to learn and experiment with the engine workflow for animation.
I decided to test my ability to set up a character in UE and import animations to it, so I created a couple of locomotion animations for this Goblin rig.

Animations were done in maya with the Goblin Rig, after I found a random sword and added it to the rig.

I do not own the Goblin Rig nor the Sword mesh.

Credit to the Goblin Rig to Thomas Vialetto.

Ekko Tree Fall - WIP 

A little animation I have been working on to push my limit on appeal and camera shots.
I initially wanted a sort of loop, very simple... it then developed into this!
The fall adds the personality I wanted to convey in the character, the cockyness of the idle vs the clumsiness of the fall.

Heavy work in progress at this stage, it's still mostly stepped.

Find the ekko rig on the Riot website at 

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